Cusco from afar, Peru

Peru with no guide – Part 1

The next 4 weeks of my life would end up being some of my most challenging, tough and adventurous ones so far, and my hands and arms are still itching from the constellations of mosquito bites that make it look like I have been attacked by a ferocious little dog.

Peru is a country which initially left me a little baffled. Hoards of tourists head here yearly, squeezing in between the most popular months of May to November. Yet, despite no obvious shortage of tourism, everything is for sale, and everyone foreign-looking face represents a dollar sign to the local. They will offer to polish your shoes at any opportunity, sell you sunglasses when you are still wearing yours, tease you with all sorts of food which would make you B line to the nearest restroom instantly, tempt you with thousands of look-a-like traditional clothes made from Alpaca (most likely to be sheep and almost certainly made in China due to the sheer mass of them) and above all will throw ridiculous prices in order to maximise profit. Don’t only prepare your wallet but prepare to negotiate for every

Don’t only prepare your wallet but prepare to negotiate for every Sole out there, especially at the local markets – one of each city’s glorious highlights as I will illustrate in Culinary Cusco.

A group of kids in Peru feeding the family live stock
Kids with the family pet

By means of an introduction, we were rushed from the airport to our first hostel in Miraflores by the angriest and fastest driver I’ve ever encountered. After 40 minutes of this, I felt I could have returned home after the adventure of my life. Heart pounding was the perfect way to start, and that set the tone for the rest of the trip, which included miles of trekking, amazing surf, climbing (both with and without ropes out of pure desperation, zip lining, white water rafting and did I mention miles of trekking?


We asked life for an adventure, and Peru certainly delivered and when we asked to slow down, Bolivia was an excellent pit stop with its fascinating colors and natural beauty.

A panoramic view of Lake Titicaka
Take a deep breathe and take it all in – Lake Titicaca

I’ll take you from Lima to the desert, from the dunes to the rivers, rivers to lakes and finally up a massively long trek to Machu Pichu, via the culinary experience of Cusco… One of the country’s finest, highest and coldest cities….


Until then, tease yourself with some of my first photos from the trip and be prepared to follow my blog on a weekly basis till we get to the mighty Machu Picchu

Preparing for a trip to Peru: Here are my top preparation tips:

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Lonely Planet guide
… and we are off!


Trekking to Machu Picchu
The Machu Picchu Smiles


Cusco from afar, Peru
The vibrant city of Cusco

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