Staining shirts in Berlin

You know that favourite shirt you have? Well what ever you do not pack it in your hand luggage and certainly do not wear it in Berlin.

A map of stains now decorate the shirt, each constellation a different food outlet which I just had to try – good riddance new year resolution to keep fit and be healthy, held for a solid 14 days. You will not be remembered.

Berlinˈs favourite hobby seems to be eating and that’s up there with my top three things to do in life, besides breathing and drinking… so right from the get go I knew we would get on fine.

Our first date was a simple one, but a messy one. Stain number one was formed as that dollop of garlic sauce trickled sneakily down my hand onto the shirt pocket. Did I swear? Yes, did I care? No. This doner kebab was worth every stain and at €3.50 no one was complaining. The chef himself was grinning with pride, complimented by my stained shirt. Doners here look monstrous, packed as tightly as my Ryan air hand luggage for a 2 week stay. Layers of goodness stacked on each other stratigraphically, a dream for an archaeologist to discover what lies beneath. This restaurant gets a solid nine on 10, the stain scoring an average six.

The most famous Döner in Berlin
The most famous Döner in Berlin: Mustafi’s

I scored it six as a mere 20 meters down the street it’s rival was waiting, casting flirtatious eyes at my shirt, luring it into its restaurant. A German Curry Wurst is a must have in Berlin. Drowned in red sauce, served chopped up in little pieces this street food is amazingly easy to eat, unlike the kebab. Little forkfuls of sausage filled my mouth, one rolling onto my sleeve, a really sweet stain, looking like one of those tattoos a bad guy wears as he robs a bank. The distinctive look of it matched the distinctive flavouring of the Wurst, and we were not done here.

Wurst Wurst Wurst
Wurst Wurst Wurst at Curry 36

15 minutes later, our next stop. The incredible Angry Chicken. A tiny crammed shop, one you would not associate with food consumption. The name is no coincidence though as the spices the chicken swims in are truly angry. We ordered 15 pieces, yes 15, and along came this silver bowl, a swimming pool of sauce housing chicken pieces. Way to easy to stain your shirt but at this point in time ahat-trickk was on the cards. Eating here is savage but boy it’s fun. The food gets a respectable 8 on 10, the stain the same score. The burp that followed was off the Richter scale.

The Angry Chicken
The Angry Chicken

For when you wish to save your shirt from further collateral damage, Berlin also has the answer as our evening meal was a throwback to a less hygienic time. We rushed into a restaurant turned barn, greeted by the biggest and loudest German man ever. Ralph played his medieval pipe as we sat down and tied a massive handkerchief around our necks, covering my stains well. The idea is simple, you are given six different courses, an endless flow of beer and a little dagger to eat your rich food. The bigger the mess, the better and the louder the cries of “Auf die Gesundheit” the merrier. Sticking to the theme, Ralph elected one of the group our food taster and the lucky man had to taste all the food to ensure it was fit for consumption, and believe me some of it looked far from that. This restaurant had a fun atmosphere, decent food and great service, scoring a good eight on 10 for fun, but the stain? Technically a zero on the shirt, but a 10 on 10 on the apron, looking like it was dragged in the mud and then ran over a few times. 

FullSizeRender (3)
The murder scene

Special mention

Together with a crazy food scene, Berlin’s coffee culture is growing fast and a special mention goes out to No Fire No Glory. This is definitely without question the best Latte and Cappuccino you have ever tasted, and they even sell the Ethiopian beans together with grinders worth over €250. The staff will recommend the best art galleries and Tame Impala or Arctic Monkeys will give you and your drink a kick. 10 on 10 hipster rating, 10 on 10 coffee tasting. This place is definitely worth a visit, if you can keep your red and black chequered shirt clean.

FullSizeRender (2)
The perfect coffee. . .

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