Feeling Romantic? Here are Malta’s top 8 kissing spots

It’s the third date – the one that counts, the deal sealer. From this point on she is yours, the girl you have been trying to impress for months. Your eye contact is solid, you’ve held hands and the last time out managed to score a sweet long kiss which felt like sunrise on your face after a perfect night out…

Whatever you do, don’t mess it up. Don’t be too cheesy, don’t over think but have a solid outline of what you want to do. You need to show he you know what you are all about so don’t be too casual and boing, take her somewhere special she will never ever forget – that way even if you are a lame kisser, you’ll be forgiven because deep down she knows kisses only get better in time.


Panoramic views over the Grand Harbour

First on my list is easy to access, but somehow out of the public eye. The Senglea Guardiola not only offers panoramic views of Valletta and the grand Harbour but also hosts a tiny picture perfect garden. If you have not managed to seal the deal here with a kiss, maybe that’s a sign to move on…

The garden is easy to access, on foot and that in itself makes for a nice third date… a slow stroll through one of Malta’s oldest areas and you can spot your dream home hidden amongst the Maltese balconies dotted around the place.

Senglea window

Sunsate Beach

Sicking to the harbour reason, there lies a beach called “Sunsate beach” and this is truly one of Malta’s hidden gems. As yet I am unsure whether the name Sunsate is the result of a spelling mistake for sunset as the sun dips exactly in the centre of the bay, over Valletta leaving a nice orange and pink hue as it points to you and your perched lips, leaning in for your kiss…



A commanding bar with a view

The Gunpost bar is a true beauty. The concrete post houses an old bar, crammed with World War II memorabilia, and since that won’t get you in the mood, head to the terrace and enjoy breath-taking views of the open sea and Sliema. The bonus here is that free food comes with your drink, just avoid the onions and your date will be more than happy to kiss you after some sweet talk.

A sweet, hidden bay

This bay is a sweet as they get, particularly in spring. Just get in the car and head down to mistral bay. Because it’s a little off the beaten track you won’t find many people at that time of the year. Just grab your picnic, a large towel and some white wine – and don’t forget the chewing gum!

The watch towers

There are 15 of these dotted around the Maltese Islands and the first on my list has to be the one between Ghajn Tuffieha and Golden Bay – what a view! Sunsets there are to die for and as a bonus you can head up there after the perfect swim at either bays. You’ll both crave a brake after those stairs so why not sit down, face the sea and take one deep gaze into each other’s eyes…

The second watch tower is for those willing to take it to the next level. The Comino tower is hard to access, but can make a fun hike for your adventure seekers out there. Pack light for this place and take water. November time is best here and Comino actually makes for the perfect campsite if you wanted to go beyond a first kiss…

GT tower

Gozo spots

Don’t worry Gozitan lovebirds we have you covered – Gozo is literally packed with sweet spots for a smooch so here is a wee teaser for now.

Qala is simply adorable. The views up here span to Malta & Comino and there is something special about looking at your home from afar. It looks as beautiful as your date and let’s hope she feels the same about you.

Xlendi also has to make it to the list and as a bonus I would highly recommend a nice dinner along the bay. The romance of these little restaurants is enough to make you weak at the knees, but don’t just stop it there. Head for a walk bayside and find a sweet bench overlooking the ocean – happy days!

Have these spots work for you? If you have more suggestions – send them in and show us a photo of your amazing third date…

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